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Win-D-Fender WIN-D-FENDER Flute Air Deflector

Win-D-Fender Part #:   WIN-D-FENDER
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Win-D-Fender is the ultimate tool for flute players. And now a new Tool to help with COVID19 in the control of the aerosal The Win-D-Fender ™, is a flute accessory developed to allow a flutist to perform outdoors by blocking the disturbance of outside air (wind) which easily disrupts the flutist’s airstream thus impairing sound. The product helps with containing the flutist’s particle generation and size distribution, and the particles coming from the flutist into the room. Win-D-Fender uses a revolutionary design that allows flutists to play in windy environments. Shields lip plate, reducing negative effects of ambient winds on flute tone Creates personal monitor by reflecting sound back to player’s ears Essential for marching band or any outdoor performance Lightweight and comfortable Installs quickly and securely with centering guide feature Vented design enhances projection and eliminates condensation and blow back Rotate outward under normal conditions or inward for most wind protection Comes with luxurious velvet bag that can be attached to your flute case

Manufacturer: Win-D-Fender

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