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PreSonus STUDIOLIVEAR12C 14-Channel USB-C Hybrid Digital/Analog Performance Mixer

Audio recording made easy.
Don’t let the classic analog mixer design fool you—the StudioLive® AR12c was built to record. With a pristine analog front-end, eight high-gain XMAX mic preamps, and a 14x4 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB-C compatible USB 2.0 audio interface, its hybrid design makes it simple to record studio productions and mix live shows from a single, intuitive console. Add in a musical 3-band analog EQ, mic/line boost for low-level vintage synths and broadcast microphones, all-new digital effects with rich reverbs and lush delays, Bluetooth® connectivity, and a stereo SD recorder... and you have a mixing and recording powerhouse that fulfills the needs of both modern musicians and content creators.

Manufacturer: PreSonus
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Regular Price: $699.95
BMC Price: $599.95
Regular Price: $699.95
BMC Price: $599.95

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