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MXL MXL990BLAZE Vocal Condenser with Red LED

MXL Part #:   MXL990BLAZE
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New Brighton
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North Hills
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The MXL 990 Blaze is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed for podcasters and gamers who are looking for an upgrade in audio for their live streams. The 990 Blaze complements most home podcasting and gaming rig setups with its sleek black finish and four glowing red LED lights in the mic grille — and it also captures a remarkably clear sound. Perfect for Twitch streaming or any other live-streaming application, the 990 Blaze has a wide frequency response to faithfully capture a wide range of voices and is built with all-metal construction for long-lasting use.

Model: MXL990BLAZE
Manufacturer: MXL

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