Magic Rosin

  • BMC3GM  3G Magic Rosin Brighton Music Center
    BMC3GM 3G Magic Rosin Brighton Music Center

    Magic RosinĀ® is a premium quality, professional-grade rosin that provides excellent grip and delivers a clear, complex tone. It is used by string players of all ages and ability, from soloists to students. Simply Unique Our special recipe uses only premium, purified pine resins. We avoid additives like oils, waxes, dyes, or metal fillings that are commonly used by rosin manufacturers. Clearly Superior Our production process yields rosin with a clear, glass-like appearance. We place designs underneath that transform each piece into a beautiful music-making tool with personality!

    Model: BMC3GM
    Manufacturer: Magic Rosin
    Regular Price: $25.00
    BMC Price: $14.99